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Project and general cargo

Project and general cargo

We have long experience in port handling and storage of project cargo, including arrangement of related pre-carriage and on-carriage service.

We offer the following services:

  • heavy lifts at terminal area and on quays up to 210 tons, handling of oversized and heavy cargo such as wind turbine components
  • terminal operations incl. loading and unloading of trucks, warehousing, container stuffing, packing, marking and related forwarding services
  • loading and unloading of vessels from coasters up to heavy lift vessels

We have long experience of loading and discharging general cargo vessels of different sizes. For bags on pallets, big bags and other types of general cargoes we can also offer storage space and added value services. Stuffing and unloading of containers is one of the regular service we provide for general cargoes.

For more information please contact:

Timo Lehtinen
Managing Director
+358 40 662 4496
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Kaj Kuusisto
Timber, general cargo and containers
+358 50 521 1167
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